Personal Brand

Date: March 2020
Skills used: Branding & illustration using Sketch

This project was all about creating a personal brand/ visual identity for myself such as creating a monogram, a wordmark and a visual marque. It involved a lot of research, sketching up ideas and refining ideas. When I was happy with the monogram, wordmark and visual marque I created a series of brand guidelines to keep my brand looking clean and professional. The end product is my completed branding which includes this website.

The Monogram

The process for me always starts with research. I researched some existing monograms and typography that I liked and made some mood boards on Pinterest.

I then moved on to sketching my ideas on paper. I took a few of the ideas that I preferred and brought them into Sketch to further refine them digitally.

This enabled me to view them properly and  then I could decide on one final idea to get some feedback on it. With feedback in mind I went back and refined the monogram multiple times until I was happy with the final outcome.

Final Monogram

The Wordmark

For my wordmark I started by typing up my name in 16 different fonts. I then used the same fonts and changed them all to capital letters.

I decided that I preferred how my name looked in an uppercase font style and I settled on 2 sans-serif fonts I liked which were 'Heiti SC' and 'Skia'.

In the end, I chose 'Heiti SC' and fixed the kerning of the letters. To make the wordmark slightly more interesting I played around with the layout next to my monogram and also created some cuts in the letters.

Final Wordmark

The Visual Marque

For my visual marque I also started sketching on paper and then took my favourite ideas to sketch. The final visual marque is shown on the right. When I completed my brand as a whole I put together a series of brand guidelines to keep the brand looking clean and concise.

Colour Palette & Brand in Use

Primary colour palette
Secondary colour palette