The Anti-Anxiety Book

Date: December 2020
Skills used: Illustration using Procreate and Sketch, Branding, Product Design, Research & Wireframing

This project was all about creating a digital product. My chosen idea was to create a book and an e-book aimed at female students who suffer from Anxiety or stress.

I chose to base it on Anxiety mainly because it's 2020 and Covid-19 is still happening. I wanted to relate the project to current times and design something positive that hopefully a lot of students can relate to and turn towards when they're feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

Idea Generation & Research

I also did some market research to see what other similar products were already on the market. And lastly, I did some field research on Instagram to see if anybody would actually be interested in buying the product.

After I do all the research, I like to do up these weird map maps of my thought process before starting the design.

I came up with a pricing plan and marketing strategy by weighing up the pros and cons of different printing websites and publishing websites and then began to build the product using Sketch and Procreate.

Firstly, I jotted down all the possible digital products I could make and narrowed it down to three different options. I took these ideas and listed the pros and the cons of each before settling on the colouring book idea.

I then did some desk research using the NHS and HSE websites to find out a bit more about Anxiety. I discovered that art therapy can really help someone with anxiety to help them feel calm and relaxed.


Wireframes & Final Product

I always start any project with wireframes. They help me visualise how the project is going to look before I dive straight into the design. Here are the wireframes I did for my book. I started with a list of all the ideas I had for the pages and then drew these ideas out on wireframes to visualise it.